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Why and How Home Inspections Play a Vital Role in the Home Buying Process

When buying a house, most likely the biggest investment of your life, you have a right to know the potential problem areas.  Only a professional home inspector can tell you if there are any potential issues without any biases.  This inspector should also belong to a professional organization such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspection).  It will be advantageous for you to attend the inspection so you can ask questions that will not be in the official report.  When you make an offer on a house, most likely it will be written in the Florida Real Estate contact that there will be a home inspection.  You have a right and must have a professional home inspection.  You also have a right to a copy of the inspectors report.

Find an inspector you value and trust. You don’t have to go with the inspector that any agent or escrow or even the seller recommends. This may alter the results if they are not completely unbiased. This doesn’t mean everyone will of course, but you are more than allowed to choose whomever you wish for your inspection.

A good inspector will walk through the home and outside with you making notes and discussing the home in detail. This is a great time to get all your questions answered about the home. Inspectors will mention how much life a feature has in it and should recommend about what the cost of replacement would be. This can tell you if you want to proceed with the home purchase or back out after the inspection. If you proceed, this will give you a great plan of action on how to plan and save for larger purchases such as a new roof, furnace or other major issues.

Once the inspection is done, it’s up to you whether you choose to proceed. Many times you can simply walk away and get your earnest money back but most sellers like to know why that would be the case. You can send back your inspection addendum with either a full rejection, approval or a variety of reasons to negotiate from here. You can ask for anything but a good rule of thumb to remember is, if you ask for everything, you may get nothing. Consider the seller in this equation. Ask for safety hazards to be fixed, or any major issue that could really kill the deal if not dealt with. Many times sellers know they will have to fix the issues anyway even if you do walk away because this could happen with the next buyer.

Knowing what you are buying prevents from having headaches down the road, which is the reason a home inspection is extremely important.

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